Cloudflare to AWS (Route53 and CloudFront) migration

For those looking to moving from Cloudflare to AWS services. I’ve done that migration a few months ago. I don’t have it fresh in my mind, it’s just a brain dump, hope it’s helpful anyway, at least as source of keywords for further search.

Cloudflare provides DNS service with a CDN with additional DoS protection. Their services are integrated, you buy the whole suite, there’s no way to use CDN service alone from another provider – you will have to take DNS with you as well.

So we wanted to move all the things to AWS (not my decision, and mainly driven by cost. If you want my opinion – consider Fastly for CDN and Dyn for DNS) .

Breaking it down to components, we have 3 migrations to do – CDN, DoS and DNS, in the following order:

CDN: set up AWS CloudFlare distribution(s)

Cloudflare CDN is pretty dumb, so is CloudFront, hence setting up the CloudFront distributions should be rather straightforward. I’m not going to go through this part in detail. You would in most cases need 2 of them – one for static and one for dynamic objects.

DoS protection: set up AWS WAF

Cloudflare DoS protection is just a req/s rate based IP address blacklist. We can totally do the same or better using WAF with AWS Lambda function processing access logs from CloudFront (I followed the tutorial from AWS

I have manually copied recently blacklisted IP’s to WAF for the start.

DNS: migrate records to Route53

We’ve had tens of domains with tens of records so I wanted to automate the process. of Please forgive me my coding skills, following is the quick and dirty script I’ve used to migrate DNS records.

One manual task after running the script: Reconfigure the zones manually changing A records to “alias” type records pointed to respective CloudFront resource. I tried doing that with the script but for some reason it didn’t work.

4 thoughts on “Cloudflare to AWS (Route53 and CloudFront) migration

  1. Artisan

    Can you give me a little more details about moving CloudFlare CDN to CloudFront?

    1. pavo Post author

      I probably won’t remember all details, but I can try. What exactly would you like to know?


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